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Over 30 days, the film will travel across the United States for special screenings and events in 20 cities, as part of the tour called “The MovieMent.” Following the screenings, director Kim Rocco Shields and the other filmmakers will discuss its anti-hate themes.

- Variety

Having worked with directors the likes of J.J. Abrams and Gore Verbiniski and as a script advisor on the last Pirates of the Caribbean film, Shields has a hefty resume...

- Review Fix

In the world of this short film, to be gay is the societal norm, while to be heterosexual is to face ridicule and persecution. This flipping of the anti-LGBT bullying script has proved to be a powerful message...

- The Advocate

The feature is based on the provocative short film of the same name that scored over 45 million hits on YouTube...

- Deadline Hollywood

K. Rocco Shields is one of Hollywood‭’‬s brightest young directors.‭ ‬She has had a great career so far doing dozens of films and working with top directors like‭ ‬J.J.‭ ‬Abrams and Gore Verbinski.‭ Her latest film called‭ ‬“Love is All You Need‭?‬” and is about bullying in a world in which homosexual relationships are the norm and heterosexual people are the outcasts.‭..

- The Movie Network