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A straight love story in a gay world.

Love Is All You Need? is football love story set in a world where the social norm is reversed: homosexuality is mainstream and heterosexuality is taboo. Although the norms are reversed, this film is inspired by true events. The story unfolds in a small Indiana town that is rocked to its core when Jude, (Briana Evigan) the star quarterback of the local university strikes up a forbidden love affair with a Ryan, (Tyler Blackburn) a sports journalism major.

When the couple is outed by Jude’s girlfriend (Emily Osment) the community’s powerful religious leader (Elisabeth Röhm) begins a vitriolic crusade from the pulpit against all heterosexuals setting off a series of catastrophic events in lives of an 11 year old girl (Kyla Kennedy), experiencing her first crush on a boy and a teacher (Jeremy Sisto) who tries to teach his students about tolerance.

The feature film is based on the 19 minute short film of the same name, which organically garnered over 50 million views and was self-translated by fans into more than a dozen languages, deeply touching and affecting people around the world.

"We saw the premier of this feature film last night at the Napa Valley Film Festival, followed by a Q&A with director/screenwriter K. Rocco Shields. She prefaced the viewing by saying the goal was to create empathy, rather than sympathy, with the characters and the situations. She succeeded. The film knits a haircloth of intolerance, love, bullying, ignorance, acceptance, fanaticism, parenting, and persecution that left us feeling raw. Sadly, the narrative is all too real: the bullying quotes pulled directly from social media, the events from actual hate crimes, the rabid intolerance of other viewpoints (that is much too present in our current political wake)... Thank you for your incredible work. A "must-see" especially for every parent, teacher, teen and pre-teen."

- Love Is All You Need? The Movie audience member