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Extraordinary people are coming together to join the Love Is All You Need MovieMent, turning a film into a conversation.

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"The idea is for everyone to really understand what it is like to be bullied and mistreated because you are different.” - Director Kim Rocco Shields

Help cover the costs of bringing this important film and message to cities around the nation. Your contribution will help cover fuel, meals, lodging, and our hard-working, tireless crew. No contribution is too small.

Our Partners in #TheMovieMent

Across the US, Charities have joined the conversation about homophobia, inclusion, and acceptance. Each of these charities is instrumental in our USA tour, join us for a screening to help our mission: educating audiences about the impact of homophobia and inequality in their own communities.

If #TheMoviement reaches its 1 million film sales goal, we will donate $1,000,000 to these worthy causes.