Many of us have faced or are currently facing challenges of intolerance. 


When differences of ethnicity, weight, ability, age, gender and love are rejected, lives can be destroyed.


This film reveals the price some pay to be themselves and to be with the person they love.


A town is rocked when their local university’s picture-perfect star quarterback (played by Briana Evigan) is outed for being a heterosexual after her peers discover her secret love affair with a male journalist (played by Tyler Blackburn). Their community is part of a world much like our own, but with a twist: same sex couples are the majority and mixed gender couples are the minority.


The fallout of the football star’s outing puts a spotlight on how intolerance of differences affect youth, college students, parents and the town as a whole. As the unique characters interact and their lives collide, we also get a look at the effects of other instances of bullying and persecution, each pulled from real world experiences, including:


An overweight fraternity pledge is subjected to traumatic hazing because of his size.


A teacher's (played by Jeremy Sisto) job is put on the line for selecting a pro-tolerance subject for his students’ school play.


A religious leader and community figurehead (played by Elisabeth Rohm) misuses religion to support hate and violence.


An 11 year-old girl resorts to drastic measures after relentless verbal, physical and cyber bullying becomes too much to handle.

And, our hero couple faces situations of life and death, because their peers do not accept their relationship.  


In the wake of these incidents, the people of the town are forced to consider the painful experience of bullying and the drastic results of intolerance.